Microscopy lighting in brightfield

High angle illumination

Microscopy brightfield illumination BF-5400

Dedicated to the inspection of surface and reliefs, the BF-5400 is easy to set-up and easy to interface to an optical system be it Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica or other microscope brands.

In a brightfield configuration, an intense light directly strikes the sample at high angles, from a plane located above the sample. The brightness provided by the brightfield combined with LESS unique light uniformity results in crisp, vivid images.

The high light quality allows to work at a lower intensity. This allows to eliminate the presence of stray light reflections and offers a greater comfort for the operator while maintaining an optimal image quality in terms of contrast and relief.

The color temperature of the brightfield is 5400 K (6500 K option on request). Independently of the number of hours the product is used, its light temperature remains constant throughout its longevity. This consistency enables the users to maintain a stable quality standard over time.

Your advantages

  • - Ultra uniform bright light
  • - High quality lighting for efficient work even at low intensity
  • - Low eyes fatigue
  • - Adaptable to different microscopes
  • - Easy and simple to set-up
  • - Long lifetime with stable light quality over time
  • - No maintenance
  • - Possibility to combine it with a darkfield high angle illumination system (DF-5400)

Combination of bright and darkfield illumination under an Olympus microscope.

Combination of bright and darkfield illumination under a Zeiss microscope. 

Examples of images taken with the BF-5400 under a microscope

Optimal image contrast

Optimal vision of relief

Reflection-free observation of soldering quality

Detailed observation of a PCB with high contrast

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Ring adapter

It enables the integration of the ring light to microscope objectives ranging from 50 to 66 mm.

Diffuser BF standard

It allows a better observation of reflective components. It can be attached and removed quickly.

Diffuser BF large

Delivers smoother image when observing very reflective components under high angle illumination. It can be attached and removed quickly.

Power supply

Available with EU, JP & UK interfaces, it enables the user to transport and to set up the illumination systems effortlessly.