Microscopy lighting - Combo BF+DF

To fit both lighting solutions in a compact manner.

Combo bright- and darkfield, high and low angle illumination

Easy to set-up and easy to interface to an optical system, the ShadowLESS bright- and darkfield rings can be used with different microscopes such as Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica or other microscope brands.

Both the bright- and darkfield are available with a 5400 K temperature (6500 K option on request).

In a brightfield configuration, an intense light directly strikes the sample at high angles, from a plane located above the sample. The brightness provided by the brightfield combined with LESS unique light uniformity results in crisp, vivid images.

In a darkfield configuration, a sharp light surrounds the sample from the side. This low angle illumination provides a unique and extremely high image contrast emphasizing the edges and prints of the sample. It gives key information on the manufacturing quality of metallic, glass or plastic components and enables the optimal detection of material deposits.

The combination of both systems ensure a same inspection quality whichever angle is chosen to observe the sample.

Discover the BF+DF Combo!

Discover the combination of bright- and darkfield illumination, mounted on a same microscope under www.less-combo.com (in french)

Ask for an offer : sales@less-sa.com

Your advantages

  • - Uniquely high lighting directionality
  • - Adaptable to different microscopes
  • - Easy to set-up
  • - Long lifetime with stable light quality over time
  • - All lighting configuration in a compact setup
  • - Easily transportable
  • - No maintenance


Ring adapter

It enables the integration of the ring light to microscope objectives ranging from 50 to 80 mm

Combo post

It allows to adjust the height of the low angle ring light. It facilitates the precise inspection of samples at different heights ranging from 10 to 50 mm.

Docking station

It allows to fix the different systems (bright- and darkfield) in a compact manner either directly on the microscope or on the workstation.

Diffuser BF standard

It allows a better observation of reflective components. It can be attached and removed quickly.

Diffuser BF large

It allows a better observation of very reflective components. It can be attached and removed quickly.

Diffuser DF

It delivers smoother image when observing very reflective components under low angle illumination. It can be attached and removed quickly.