WORLD PREMIERE : L.E.S.S. nano active fiber technology is integrated for the first time on a car at the GIMS‘17.

Geneva, March 9th 2017 – World premiere: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) made with L.E.S.S. nano active fiber technology are displayed on a car at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 (GIMS’17). It represents the longest and thinnest DRLs ever made.

Thanks to the versatility of its fiber laser technology, L.E.S.S. is able to adapt to the increasing demands of car designers for thin, low weight and bright automotive lighting. The thinness, the flexibility and the three-dimensional lighting nature of L.E.S.S. technology allows for the creation of unprecedented car lighting signatures.

Dr. Yann Tissot, CEO of L.E.S.S.  SA, says: “We have been working hard for years with different players of the car industry to be able to deliver energy efficient and low weight headlights with inspiring designs. Having our technology displayed for the first time to the end users represents a key milestone for us. We are proud to have delivered beautifully designed lighting modules based on our unique technology that, I am convinced, will have a strong impact on the future of the automotive lighting industry.”

Longer, lighter, thinner, brighter, and more uniform than today’s LEDs lighting technology, the nano active fiber technology from L.E.S.S. unveils an infinity of lighting design possibilities. Its low weight potentially contributes to an enhancement of the car performances and a reduction of its fuel or electricity consumption. L.E.S.S. disruptive technology opens new routes for designing a new generation of automotive lighting.

About L.E.S.S. SA. L.E.S.S. SA is a fast-growing high-tech company with international activities located in Lausanne, Switzerland. L.E.S.S. SA develops, manufactures and markets unique lighting systems based on its proprietary nano active fiber technology. L.E.S.S. SA has been awarded Best Swiss Startup in both 2015 and 2016.

L.E.S.S. is more when it comes to professional lighting

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L.E.S.S. SA awarded best Swiss startup for the second consecutive year!

Did you know?
In August, Switzerland has been elected the most innovative country for the 6th consecutive year by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This year, it stays ahead of two European country, Sweden (2nd) and United Kingdom (3rd).

In September, a pool of 100 independent experts has awarded L.E.S.S. SA as the best Swiss start-up for the second consecutive year! This prize is an acknowledgement of the technological innovation, a recognition of the tremendous growth potential of the company as well as a praise for the company’s actual commercial development.

We are pleased to receive such a recognition and very happy to share this success with our customers, investors and supporters whom we thank for their continuing trust and fruitful collaboration.


L.E.S.S. SA est désignée meilleure startup suisse pour la deuxième année consécutive !

Le saviez-vous ?
En août, la Suisse a été élue le pays le plus innovant du monde pour la 6ème année consécutive par la Cornell University, l’INSEAD et le bureau international de la propriété intellectuelle. Cette année, elle devance deux autres pays européen, soit la Suède (2ème) et le Royaume Uni (3ème).

En septembre de la même année, un parterre de 100 experts indépendants ont élu L.E.S.S. la meilleure startup suisse pour la seconde année consécutive ! Ce prix est une grande reconnaissance du point de vu de notre innovation technologique, du potentiel de croissance exceptionnel de l’entreprise ainsi qu’un éloge du développement commercial de L.E.S.S.
Nous sommes ravis de recevoir une nouvelle fois ce prix et sommes heureux de partager ce succès avec nos clients, investisseurs et supporters que nous remercions pour leur confiance et leur constructive collaboration.


L.E.S.S. SA im zweiten Jahr in Folge zum besten schweizer Startup ernannt !

Wussten Sie schon ?
Im August wurde die Schweiz von der Corell Universität, INSEAD und der World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) im sechsten Jahr in Folge zum innovativsten Land gewählt. Sie steht damit vor den beiden europäischen Ländern Schweden und England, die den zweiten und dritten Platz belegen.

Im September wurde L.E.S.S. SA von einer Gruppe aus 100 unabhängigen Experten, im zweiten Jahr in Folge, zum besten schweizer Startup ernannt! Dieser Preis wurde in Anerkennung der technologischen Innovation, dem enormen Wachstumspotential, sowie der aktuellen wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung der Firma verliehen.
Wir freuen uns sehr über diese Anerkennung, und möchten diesen Erfolg gerne mit unseren Kunden, Investoren und Unterstützern teilen, sowie ihnen für ihr andauerndes Vertrauen und die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit danken.



Test our new interactive validation tool for microscopy

Discover how to interface the LESS lighting systems to your microscope thanks to our interactive table for microscopy.

Enter your microscope specifications in the relevant fields and the look-up table automatically generated will show you which accessory you need to use to set the darkfield (DF-5400) and/or brightfield (BF-5400) ringlights on your microscope.

This unique online tool facilitates your purchasing process in a straightforward manner.

Isn’t your microscope listed? Feel free to drop us an email in order for us to give you additional assistance and update the list.


Testez notre nouvel outil de validation interactif pour la microscopie

Découvrez comment les systèmes d’éclairages LESS s’intègrent à votre microscope grâce à notre tableau interactif pour la microscopie.

Entrez les spécificités de votre microscope dans les champs prévus à cet effet et le tableau généré vous montrera quels accessoires utiliser pour monter les anneaux en champs sombre (DF-5400) et en champ clair (BF-5400) sur votre microscope.

Votre processus d’achat est facilité par cet outil on-line à tester sur notre site web.

Votre microscope est-il dans la liste ? Dans le cas contraire, faites-le nous savoir afin que nous puissions vous renseigner spécifiquement et mettre la liste à jour.


Testen Sie unser neues interaktives Tool für die Mikroskopie

Entdecken Sie mithilfe unseres interaktiven Tools, wie die L.E.S.S. Beleuchtungssysteme an Ihrer persönlich genutzten Mikroskop Konfiguration eingesetzt werden können.

Geben Sie einfach Ihre Mikroskopdaten wie Hersteller, Typ des Mikroskops, sowie das verwendete Objektiv in die relevanten Felder ein, und das Tool zeigt Ihnen welches Zubehör Sie benötigen um das (BF-5400) Hellfeld und das (DF-5400) Dunkelfeld an Ihrem Mikroskop zu verwenden.

Sie erhalten damit auch eine klare Entscheidungshilfe welche Komponenten Sie für Ihr Mikroskop bestellen müssen.

Wir haben uns bemüht alle gängigen Mikroskope, auch ältere Modelle, aufzunehmen. Falls Ihr Mikroskop trotzdem fehlen sollte, bitte geben Sie uns Bescheid, damit wir Sie persönlich beraten und die Liste ergänzen können.

BF+DF combo set on an Olympus  and a Zeiss microscope

A few days after EPHJ exhibition, L.E.S.S. announces its 100th sales order for the Spiral!

Since its release during the EPHJ, our Spiral lamp has encountered a real succes. We are proud to have registered more than 100 orders in the watchmaking sector in Switzerland.

Discover how to get the unique opportunity to improve your quality insurance and your productivity by visiting our dedicated website or feel free to contact us by mail or by phone to get a quote.


L.E.S.S. product line for the watchmaking industry will be presented at the EPHJ fair form 14th to 17th June

We are delighted to invite you on our booth S52 to discover our innovative illumination systems dedicated to machine vision, microscopy and workbench lighting.

Une même lumière sur toute votre chaîne de production.

icon-minisite-combo-fr icon-minisite-spiral-fr







Discover how to benefit from of a precise, reliable and certified light across your entire production line.

We invite you to bring your own samples to (re)discover them under the unique uniformity and directionality of L.E.S.S. light.

Our lighting systems for microscopy will also be displayed on the booth of Olympus at the EPMT fair; stand L104 (hall 2).

Free registration is already available online:

We are looking forward to meeting you at EPHJ!


L.E.S.S. enters the European market and increases its sales power in Germany

Following-up with its market entry in Switzerland and Japan, L.E.S.S. is proud to announce that its products are now CE certified and available in Europe. Feel free to contact our new business developer in Germany Wolfgang Bruehl. We are glad to benefit from his extensive experience in lighting systems by Leica, Schott and Photonic Optics before joining our team.

"During my career it was always a great pleasure and welcome challenge to introduce new technologies to the markets. So I'm very happy to join the ambitious team of L.E.S.S. SA, to promote their innovative illumination technology based on their proprietary nanostructured optical fiber. Unrivalled Swiss Quality and the uniqueness of this lighting, opens a big variety of new applications, improving and speeding up microscopy and machine vision inspection processes.”

Contact (GER):, +49 (0) 1623 797575

+41 21 552 07 10


Meet us at Control in Stuttgart from April, 26 – 29th

Meet us at Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart from April, 26 - 29th.

L.E.S.S. products are available for testing on Olympus (Hall 1 – Stand 1512) and Nikon booth (Hall 7 – Stand 7412).

Experience the key benefits of our ShadowLESS product line on the core microscopes series of Olympus (SZX) and Nikon (SMZ).