L.E.S.S. product line

A complete lighting solution for having the same light quality all along your production process.

Microscopy lighting

The product line dedicated to microscopy is compatible with all microscope brands be it Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica or others.

Microscopy lighting in brightfield BF-5400

BF stands for brightfield: an acute light strikes the sample at high angles resulting in crisp, well defined images. 5400 stands for the color temperature of the lighting solution (6500 K option on request).

More about the BF-5400

Microscopy lighting in darkfield DF-5400

DF stands for darkfield: a sharp and fine light surrounds the sample from the side, at low angle, resulting in high contrast images with an emphasis of the sample edges and relief. 5400 stands for the color temperature of the lighting solution (6500 K option on request).

2-in-1 : Combo BF+DF (bright and darkfield)

Easy to set-up and easy to interface to an optical system, the ShadowLESS bright- and darkfield rings can be used with different microscopes such as Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica or other microscope brands.

The combination of both systems ensure a same inspection quality whichever angle is chosen to observe the sample.

More info about the Combo.

Workbench lighting

The Lamp SPiRAL IL-5400 has been designed together with the market leaders in the watchmaking industry.

Spiral IL-5400

The lamp Spiral IL-5400 is a high precision inspection lamp that has been designed together with the market leaders of the watch industry. Thanks to the high directionality and the unique high optical signal-to-noise ratio of L.E.S.S. light, the Spiral allows for an optimal illumination of the workspace within an minimum space. It can be positioned and configured in a multiple way thanks to its mechanical arm that conserves its position once set for a reliable and reproductive inspection reference.

More about the Spiral IL-5400

Machine vision lighting

Miniature ringlights to facilitate the inspection of tiny components.

MBF-5400 & MDF-5400

Dedicated to machine vision, the miniature ringlights MBF-5400 and MDF-5400 enable the inspection of tiny components with high lighting uniformity and unprecedented precision for such small diameter.

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