Workbench Lighting

The lamp Spiral IL-5400 is a high precision inspection lamp that has been designed together with the market leaders of the watch industry. It is designed and assembled in Switzerland. Watch the video hereunder !


L.E.S.S. integrated its last generation of patented lighting source inside the SPiRAL. Thanks to the high directionality and the unique high optical signal-to-noise ratio of this new light, the Spiral allows for an optimal illumination of the workspace within an minimum space. It can be positioned and configured in a multiple way thanks to its mechanical arm that conserves its position once set for a reliable and reproductive inspection reference.

The SPiRAL concept is based on three pillars in order to offers a unique opportunity to enhance your quality assurance and your productivity.


Thanks to the high directionality of its light and an optimal optical signal-to-noise ratio.


Thanks to the stability of its specification (colorimetry and intensity) over the lifetime of the product.


Thanks to its safe light, free of UV and of heat dissipation at the light location.

The SPiRAL adapts itself to the inspection of any components in an straightforward manner thanks to additional accessories that can be easily be setup or removed depending on the operation needs as shown hereunder.



The Spiral is an opportunity to enhance your quality assurance and productivity. Using the SPiRAL, our customers experienced an enhancement of their productivity of more than 25% on the quality inspection process (metrics on 50 operators working over 3 months). The high light quality and viewing comfort offered by the lamp allows for spotting defects faster and in a more straightforward way. 



The SPiRAL has been designed in order to facilitate the operator work as well as to adapt itself to all the different problematic of components inspections. The different aspects of the lamp are summarised hereunder:


Designed to ease the inspection work such that it limits the back and neck pain of the operator.


Designed for close inspection, free of heat dissipation and dazzling.


Designed in order to integrate different accessories for specific inspections.

Different inspection configurations

To facilitate the operator work the lamp can be used in a "see-through" configuration (on the left) or in a "top-down" configuration while keeping a confortable position of the neck and the back of the operator.


Different accessories

To facilitate the operator work, we developed accessories that upgrade the lamp to adapt itself to the specificity of the component to inspect. 




Download the datasheet