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L.E.S.S. (“Light Efficient Systems”) offers versatile lighting solutions that are focused on the customer needs to develop safe, bright and innovative products. The unique nano-active fiber technology developed by L.E.S.S. has proven itself as a disrupting alternative to the LED technology setting a new standard of lighting quality. It generates high quality light that exhibits both ultra-uniformity and brightness characteristics, surpassing today's quality standards. The thinness, the flexibility, and the three-dimensional lighting nature of L.E.S.S. laser wire technology allows for the creation of unprecedented low weight and power efficient lighting solutions.

LESS ring light uniformity brightness


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L.E.S.S. SA launches its new inspection lighting product dedicated to machines and articulated or robotic arms: the Module IM-5400.

Following-up with the tremendous success of its flagship inspection lighting product - the Spiral IL-5400-V2.0 - L.E.S.S. proposes now a module version than can easily be adapted and interfaced into an articulated arm or a machine.

The module keeps all the features and accessories of the Spiral, which are, among others, an ultra-directional light, no heat dissipation, and a lightbox that allows an extremely precise control regardless of the ambient light.

This Swiss made Module, has been developed to meet high industrial expectations: it is easy-to-use, space saving and mobile. Moreover, the uniformity, the brightness, the directionality, the colorimetry 5400K offer high light quality and consistency throughout the system’s lifespan.

Thanks to the technology developed by L.E.S.S. and implemented in this magnifying lamp, t…