Standardize all your manufacturing processes using a single lighting standard and benefit from precise and consistent lighting solutions across all your corporate departments.

L.E.S.S. lighting systems exhibit the same optical properties (colour temperature, ultra-uniformity, directionality), regardless of the product line it belongs to (microscopy, machine vision or workbench lighting). The light quality remains constant throughout the system longevity. This consistency gives a stable benchmark at two different levels: over time as well as on the whole production, assembly & quality processes. This allows overall standardisation and time-saving operations.


L.E.S.S. developed highly precise lamps that have been designed collaboratively with the leaders of the watchmaking sector. Whether for the production, the assembly, or the inspection, our customers experienced an enhancement of their productivity of more that 25% by using our inspection products. Whether directly fixed on a workbench, a base or interfaced with a mechanical arm, we offer comfortable and ergonomic products that limit eye fatigue, neck and back pain while offering different working positions to meet different user needs. LESS Lamps exhibits unique lighting quality and uniformity while not dissipating heat such that enhancing the operator comfort. The lamps have been conceived to hold removable accessories as magnifying glass or light diffusing box. It allows for a precise working environment regardless of the ambient light.


Dedicated to machine vision and the measurement of very small samples, MBF-5400 and MDF-5400 lighting systems provide an unrivalled precision and light uniformity for a light ring with such a small diameter. The very compact design of the systems makes it easy to integrate to any type of machine vision. The combination of both lighting systems MBF and MDF allows to quickly obtain two types of images (brightfield and darkfield illuminations) for a thorough inspection of the samples under a single camera. The lighting systems are easily and comfortably managed via a software allowing to control parameter from a distance.


Easy to set-up and easy to interface to an optical system, the bright- and darkfield ring lights can be used as a combo with different microscopes and combines high uniformity and high directionality in a unique way. These properties allow for an unprecedented inspection comfort offering high contrast images, reduced stray light reflections and therefore a lower eye fatigue. No heat is dissipated from the light source which enhances the comfort of the user. In a brightfield configuration, an intense light strikes the sample at high angles, allowing an acute observation of surfaces and reliefs, while in a darkfield configuration, the low angle illumination from the sides gives contrasted images enhancing the edges and prints of the sample; key information on the manufacturing quality of metallic, glass or plastic components are revealed and the detection of material deposits is optimal.