L.E.S.S. developed highly precise lamps that have been designed collaboratively with the leaders of the watchmaking sector: The Spiral, the Module and the Crystal.

L.E.S.S. integrated its last generation of patented lighting source inside its products. Thanks to the high directionality and the unique high optical signal-to-noise ratio of this new light, the highly precise lamps allow for an optimal illumination of the workspace within a minimum space. Whether fixed of the workbench, a base, or a mechanical arm, L.E.S.S. lighting systems are an opportunity to enhance your quality assurance and productivity.

All inspection lighting products exhibit the same optical properties and standards (colour temperature, ultra-uniformity, directionality). The light quality remains constant throughout the system longevity. This consistency gives a stable benchmark: over time as well as on the whole production, assembly & quality processes. This allows overall standardisation and time-saving operations.

Designed to facilitate the operator’s work, and adapt to the component to examine, L.E.S.S. lighting systems have been conceived to hold a removable magnifying glass as well as optional light box. It allows for a more precise working environment regardless of the ambient light. The lamps hinge (-20° to 40°) allow to have an easily configurable working position to examine samples under different angles. With no heat dissipation and limited back and neck pain, LESS developed safe, ergonomic, and reliable/certified lighting solutions that meet different user needs.

Learn more about the Spiral, the Module and the Crystal to find out what best fits your needs.